The Chiafullo Group takes pride in providing big-firm results without big-firm bureaucracy.

The attorneys, paralegals, and support staff associated or affiliated with the Group all “earned their stripes” at some of the largest law firms in New York City and New Jersey, but grew weary of the “firm first, clients second” mentality that governed those institutions. The Group’s founding member, Christopher Chiafullo, noticed the heavy reliance by these former, big-firm employers on its own history — or “what their grandfathers did” — instead of on efficiently and effectively achieving positive results without “re-inventing the wheel” to do so. Read more

Professional Ethos

No professional at or affiliated with The Chiafullo Group, LLC (“the Group”) rests on his or her laurels, relies on past performance, or hides behind institutional history and faded glories. Last week’s news is far less important to the Group than this week’s success. Read more

Practice Area Overview

The Chiafullo Group, LLC (“the Group”) prides itself on a diversity of practice pursuits, from litigation on both a state and federal level, to administrative matters, to transactional matters. Read more