Please read this notice before sending an e-mail message to The Chiafullo Group, LLC.

The Chiafullo Group, LLC strongly discourages the electronic transmission of confidential or otherwise privileged information. In no instance will the mere transmission of information establish an attorney-client relationship between a non-client and The Chiafullo Group, LLC. Accordingly, there can be no reasonable objective expectation of confidentiality in such unsolicited communications.

The Chiafullo Group, LLC will not accept a prospective engagement until such time as we fully evaluate the subject matter, including but not limited to a thorough consideration of possible conflicts arising from the prospective representation. We reserve the right to decline any representation. Moreover, we may be required to decline representation where such engagement would create a conflict of interest with an existing client(s).

Subject to the foregoing advisory, we invite you to submit general inquires to info@chiafullogroup.com. Parties interested in retaining the services of our legal professionals are invited to schedule an initial consultation. Contact information for our New York and New Jersey offices is provided in the “Offices” section of the main site.