Firm Overview

The Chiafullo Group, LLC (“the Group”) takes pride in providing big-firm results without big-firm bureaucracy.

The attorneys, paralegals, and support staff associated or affiliated with the Group all “earned their stripes” at some of the largest law firms in New York City and New Jersey, but grew weary of the “firm first, clients second” mentality that governed those institutions.  The Group’s founding member, Christopher Chiafullo, noticed the heavy reliance by these former, big-firm employers on its own history — or “what their grandfathers did” — instead of on efficiently and effectively achieving positive results without “re-inventing the wheel” to do so.

The Group recognizes the need to offer quality, professional legal services without the “lip service” and “fancy footwork” that has become the trademark of the stereotypical, large law firm. The Group services its clientele with the same zealous advocacy, cutting-edge technology, and synergistic teamwork lost upon large law firms, without compromising the potential proficiency, capabilities, or access to resources that big firms claim to utilize exclusively. The Group simply cuts through the mire of internal red tape to devote 100% of its efforts to its clients — not to the billable hour and bottom line.

Accordingly, our clientele receives the individual attention necessary to instill confidence and achieve results.  Instead of hiring one attorney, only to have the matter passed over to another (and another), or watching a parade of lawyers churn your file to generate revenue, the Group utilizes its “of counsel” relationships with other boutique law firms, and a network of specialized legal contacts, to efficiently handle each client’s legal matter.  When a client hires the Group, there are no hidden charges or bloated hourly rates, no reliance on “storied history” or the reputation of our ancestors, and no “passing the buck” or “sleight-of-hand” mentality that only serves to empty the client’s pocketbook.  At the Group, it’s all about the results.

Without question, your legal crisis — no matter how big or small — does not become just another file in a stack of files.  It becomes our purpose, our main focus, and the center of our attention.

The Chiafullo Group.  It’s not your grandfather’s law firm.