The Chiafullo Group, LLC (“the Group”), at the direction of its founding principal, Christopher Chiafullo, is dedicated to the defense of the firearms industry from those seeking to bankrupt it by lawsuit.

Mr. Chiafullo was a member of the appellate team that successfully defended various distributor-defendants in the first of a series of landmark Federal lawsuits filed in the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn) before Hon. Jack B. Weinstein in an effort to cripple the industry, Hamilton v. Beretta, et al.  Shortly thereafter, Mr. Chiafullo again defended multiple distributor-defendants as a member of the trial team and counsel of record in NAACP v. AcuSport, et al. After a six (6) week trial, once again before Judge Weinstein, a jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendants; Judge Weinstein, however, issued an order that served as the basis for the latest Federal lawsuit filed against the firearms industry: City of New York v. AcuSport, et al.  Yet again, Mr. Chiafullo serves as counsel of record for twenty-six (26) distributor-defendants in defense of their business practices from wide-sweeping injunctive relief.

In addition to the defense of these cases, Mr. Chiafullo aided in the successful defense of various distributor-defendants in Spitzer v. Sturm Ruger (NY Ct. App. 2002), and Thomas v. Beemiller (E.D.N.Y. 2003).  Mr. Chiafullo also served as Special Counsel in Johnson v. AcuSport (E.D.N.Y. 2003), another case seeking relief from industry members for the actions of criminals.  Mr. Chiafullo acts as Outside General Counsel to the country’s largest and busiest distributors, including AcuSport Corporation, Ellett Brothers, Valor Corporation and others.  On more than one occasion, Mr. Chiafullo served in the role as Special Advisor to firearms industry trade organizations and buyers’ groups in seek of counsel on various firearms-litigation related issues.

Mr. Chiafullo has defended firearms cases for AIG, CNA, Safeco, and other insurance carriers, and has appeared before various regulatory agencies for firearms-related issues, including appearances before the BATF, the Dept. of Commerce, and the Federal Aviation Administration.  Mr. Chiafullo continues to successfully defend and counsel firearms manufacturers, distributors, trade organizations and retail dealers from coast-to-coast.

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