Chris Chiafullo’s Profile

Christopher M. Chiafullo

No one connected with The Chiafullo Group, LLC (“the Group”) rests on his or her laurels, relies on past performance, or hides behind institutional history and faded glories.  Last week’s news is far less important to the Group than this week’s success.

While large operations often rely on their ancient history, and trumpet self-serving statistics to lure clientele, the Group operates in real-time.  Driven by dynamic, cutting-edge legal scholarship and state-of-the-art technology, the Group brings all the resources of a big firm without the rhetoric. Our in-house capabilities and “of counsel” relationships with specialized co-counsel provide a balance of synergy and individuality, three-dimensional advocacy, and relentless commitment to end results.

Our professionals, affiliates and co-counsel pride themselves on the communication of honest appraisals of the legal landscape.  The hallmark of our client counseling is a commitment to the client, not the bottom line.  Accordingly, we do not “pull punches.”  Our clients know where they stand, and make informed, well-reasoned decisions in the management of their various legal issues.

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